‘Road Mender' Demonstration

‘Road Mender' Demonstration Image 1

With a great turn out today at our Yard in Wilden, some well know characters from the surfacing business showing interest in our machine, its benefits & sharing a wealth of knowledge during the trial.

The Road Mender is intended for use in the repair of potholes and utility repairs.

Aggregate and rubberised bitumen pellets (paving pellets) are mixed within the drum and heated, the drum is then hydraulically tilted to tip the material into a wheelbarrow ready for use.

The simplicity of the machine is a great benefit as well as being transportable to site via a trailer and a tick in the box for the Environment as 'breakout' can be reheated and used as a binder course!

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Performance Benefits

  • More elasticity
  • Perfect temperature for ideal compaction every time
  • Better adhesion and cohesion
  • Greater low temperature flexibility
  • Elevated high temperature stiffness
  • No more trips to or waiting in line at the asphalt plant
  • No more wasted mix
  • No more re-patching of cold patched holes

Economic Benefits

  • Hot mix asphalt on demand
  • shovel-ready solution
  • The Road Mender can be operated 24/ 7 x 365
  • Convenient storage and application
  • Recycles and repurposes waste tires
  • Enhanced overall roadway and public safety
  • No waste just use what you need