BBC’s ‘Bang goes the Theory’

BBC’s ‘Bang goes the Theory’ Image 1

BBC’s ‘Bang goes the Theory’, were filming in Oakley, Bedfordshire in February 2014 with Charlie Dimmock taking centre stage.

DJT Surfacing were invited to assist with technical advice alongside Chris Griffiths of Marshalls.

Mark Aldrich of Probuild had been asked if his 2009 National award winning driveway could be placed under test conditions by the team to see if Marshalls permeable paving really does what it says on the tin!

Big thanks to Chris & Mark.

With the waters receding, Bang Goes The Theory takes a more considered look at the recent floods.

Did global warming play a part, or is this simply the extreme end of the natural cycle?

The team is joined by Charlie Dimmock, who wants to know if her love for patios and decking might have played a part in creating urban flash floods! Enjoy!